World’s Leading Facebook Ad’s Strategist Nicholas Kusmich Presents

The R.O.A.S. Intensive

Discover How To Use The 3C CAP Process to Get Even More Qualified Leads and Convert Those Leads Into Clients At Will Without Fancy Funnels, Outdated Marketing or Complicated Processes

Let me show you the absolute easiest and most effective way to get new clients using ads. Click below to join us

Let me show you exactly how to create and launch the perfect client getting funnel during a live intensive 

Congratulations to making it to this page. If you're here my assumption is that you've got a great business that could benefit from an even better way to get new qualified leads and clients at will.

You probably know that it can only take one well-designed campaign to accelerate your online
business growth exponentially.

With the right process

Consider these questions for a second
 Do you have expertise in a specific industry but are struggling to consistently generate leads while converting them into paying clients/customers?
 Do you want to be able to gain massive exposure to your ideal customer/client without
breaking the bank so you can scale winning campaigns?
 Do you want to know how to optimize your current offers online, maximizing your revenue using a proven results-based system while never launching a campaign with doubt again

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you are not alone.

The good news is once your know-how to predictably Reach your ideal customer, Create and optimize irresistible offers, and scale winning campaigns, then you, my friend, are on track for unimaginable online success.

Let me break it down for you. 

The Real R.O.A.S. Intensive is the solution to all your marketing pain points that you can implement into your business immediately.

Firstly no matter what industry or niche you are in and whatever products and services you have to offer, your ideal customers are ready and waiting for you to reach

Using my proven system that generates an almost limitless leads supply, we will begin by diving
into how to tap into this uncapped flow which, when implemented correctly, brings you new and
consistent prospects on demand...

It's as simple as flicking the switch and filling your pipeline.

Now, as we already know, this is only one piece to the puzzle...
How do you turn your prospects into raving fans in as little as 72-Hours?

YES, Not six months, Not three months, Not even four weeks from now...

Using what I call the G.F.O. Sequence, you can turn someone from NEVER knowing you to purchasing your products and becoming a lifelong client in as little as 72-Hours...

I'm yet to find anything as effective that's has been replicated across several industries and various
businesses, such as Coaching, Agencies, SAAS, Professional Services, Consulting, and so much

Inside the R.O.A.S Live Virtual Intensive, 
you'll discover how to:

  • Tap into a flood of consistent and highly engaged prospects on-demand, allowing you to predictably grow & scale your online business.
  • ​Use a simple yet highly effective framework that positions you as the authority, catches your ideal customers attention, and leaves them craving for more.
  • ​How to craft winning ads that convert (The key to scaling your business faster than you ever thought possible).
  • ​​How to create irresistible offers to grab your perfect customer attention using a simple yet highly effective formula.
  • ​Discover a proven process for generating a consistent and reliable stream of leads on demand and convert those leads into clients and customers very quickly.

The R.O.A.S Intensive 

The Entire 5-day Live 
Virtual Intensive 

is designed not just to give you information but the action you can deploy into your business immediately.

is designed not just to give you information but the action you can deploy immediately.


Targeting Your Ideal Customer

Ever wondered why your traffic isn't consistently converting? 

The key is to reach Targeted Traffic that contains ONLY your ideal audience.

Using my Targeting Trifecta, you will master how to niche down on your ULTIMATE audience, leaving you with a pool of qualified prospects to maximize your campaign success.


The Ultimate Lead Magnet

How can you quickly and effectively accelerate your lead flow while grabbing your audience's attention and positioning yourself as the authority in your industry?

Day#2 I will be revealing the exact blueprint we have used to generate millions of leads and convert them into tens of millions in revenue that you can deploy immediately.


Crafting Irresistible Offers Using a GFO Sequence

The propriety GFO Sequence is the golden key that has been replicated across several industries and various businesses where you'll discover how to structure and position irresistible offers using a proven system to generate sales in as little as 72-hours from 100% cold traffic


The Anatomy of the Perfect AD

Every winning campaign starts here.

Spending millions of dollars in AD Campaigns has allowed us to discover what's working NOW and how you can craft winning AD campaigns that convert on demand.

Online is becoming a battleground; here, we will reveal how to separate yourself from the pack giving you room to scale.


The High-Ticket Formula

Many online business owners can't break through the glass ceiling when promoting high ticket information, coaching, and consulting products.

Here I will be revealing the deep underlying strategy that many of my high-level clients have implemented to charge their true value effortlessly and how you could do the same.

The R.O.A.S. Intensive

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What you might want to know (FAQ)

Do I need any previous Facebook advertising experience?

Facebook advertising experience is not required to get the most of this Intensive. If you have it, great, I'll take you to a whole other level. If you don't, not to worry, we'll make sure you have what you need.

Is the Intensive Live or Pre-recorded ?

These are the recordings of a previously live experience.

I already have a successful online business, but I need help to scale. 
Will this still work for me?

Absolutely, Nic is responsible for scaling some of the highest ROI Campaigns in the
industry. The R.O.A.S. Intensive is perfect for starting and scaling your online success.

Meet Your Mentor

Nicholas Kusmich

If you want a proven system for generating new leads/clients/customers for your business, designed
and used daily by the guy responsible for having the highest ROI campaigns in the industry, then
look no further.

Your mentor Nicholas Kusmich has been responsible for generating millions of leads and tens of millions of dollars in new revenue for various businesses across multiple industries.

Now you have the opportunity to remove all the guesswork and discover how to grow and scale a world-class business within a Live and highly interactive virtual intensive.

If you are serious about your results and are prepared to work to get them, then click below and join us now.

June 14th-18th, 1pm EST Daily (LIVE)

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